Good morning and its scenes..

Hello everyone i promised myself that i’d have a strong come back to writing, between university and personal life and interests I don’t have the time to do anything.

Well today i woke up after 4 hours of sleep to say my prayer, I tried to go back to sleep as soon as I finished but i couldn’t so i decided to get up take a shower and make a day out of it! so here is what i did.. After taking the shower I had a cheese mana’eish and a cup of fresh pomegranate juice and put the show that has never failed to cheer me up a bit Desperate Housewives (currently watching it for the 5th time), then i made myself a refreshing Starbucks coffee and watched The Voice.. as you go through reading this i bet you are wondering so what is up dude why are you telling all of this, well i am telling this because in fact i am not having a great morning!

I have worries to fill this world and still have some for myself, I have personal issues, physical issues, school issues, mental issues, emotional issues.. I HAVE ALOT ON MY MIND :D.. but that doesn’t mean that i’ll lie in bed and be sad! I tried my best to bring myself out of it and i know for a fact that today will be a good day.

What you don’t know is that I have a wonderful and merciful God.. that wouldn’t have put me through this if he knew that i wouldn’t be able to handle it.

What you don’t know is that I have a cat that means the whole universe to me I can forget my whole life staring in his beautiful eyes..

What you don’t know is that i have a family to kill for! (They aren’t exactly perfect and they aren’t the best family in the world, but they are mine and I love them and wouldn’t trade them for anything.. even though some of the issues are caused by them :mrgreen:)

So by the end of this go on human, go find the stuff that make you go, go on and try your best to be happy! I wish you all great mornings, days and nights.

Most challenging yet most rewarding 52 Books in 52 Weeks

Hello everyone how has it been with you guys? 🙂 it has been ages since i last blogged it is not that i live a boring life which i kind of do : but it is that i’ve been waiting for the right time to write one.. and this time has arrived i am going to post this blog about my past year challenge (2012) and soon insha’allah i’ll write another blog discussing how this past year had so much in its details that i need to blah blah about :p

*grab a cup of coffee it is a long blogpost!*

Okay i shall start this blog with a little story of how i met my ultimate favorit book ever!..

It all started  during the time i was in Jordan studying to be specific i was in a tiny city named Irbid which is located an hour drive from Amman <3.. It was my finals and i was studying and i felt hungry so i went for a walk and on my way back home i stopped at Popeye one of my favorite places to eat (P.S. it is so much cleaner in Jordan and Hong Kong rather it is in U.S.) and i got myself a sandwich and my lovely cat Nakama a small chicken meal when i got back home we both enjoyed our meals and i went back to studying.

When i woke up the next morning to go to my test my poor cat Nakama had a horrible fever he wasn’t moving and i really felt afraid that something will happen to him 😦 so i went to my test and when me and my friend Ammar were on our way back home i told him that i have a plan to go to Amman so i can take him to his VET but Ammar thankfully offered to drive me there and he’ll go to his aunt while i go to the VET Nakama got his treatment and the reason for his sickness was the food he has eaten the previous day :oops; when i finished i called Ammar to let him know but he told me that his aunt insisted on him staying for lunch which meant that i had to wait for him for approximately 5 hours!! (NOW i thank him and his aunt for this if it wasn’t for them i wouldn’t have met this awesome book!!)

so i went to City mall had lunch and did some shopping thought about going to see a movie but i was afraid Nakama will annoy the people in the theater so i decided to take a bus back to Irbid when i went out and got into a taxi i told him to take me to the nearest bus stop so i can go back but he informed me that the buses weren’t working today because it was the new year holiday so i was like i will go back to the mall and wait for Ammar but when i was about to get back a stupid security guy came and made a huge problem out of me going to the mall with a cat!! i told him that i was just in and all but he insisted that i can’t come in and i felt really angry given to the way he treated me :@ so i went to the mall security manger and made a really big deal!! the manger was quit good and offered his apology and told me that he’ll do what he has to do to that security guy for doing the wrong thing and told me that i can go back in but i was really frustrated so i refused and took a taxi to Rainbow street (It is a famous street in Amman with many coffee shops and stores) when i got there i found a small book shop and i remembered that i was looking for The Hunger Games books and couldn’t find them anywhere i got there and asked them if they had it but the woman told me no and advised me to go to The Good Book Shop which is located next to Green Turtle Tea Bar.. i walked for five minutes and directly found it, it was a magical place really neat and beautiful but sadly they didn’t have The Hunger Games 😦 i had so much time to kill my phone was out of batteries i had nothing to do for the next coming three hours 😦 so i went to the books shelves started checking what they had and with my lake of knowing of What To Read! i grabbed the book with the most noticeable cover  The Pleasure Express!! it had some cantoneas on the front page and it was right after the summer i’ve been to China and Hong Kong so i immediately bought it!!.

I went back to to Turtle tea bar which became my ultimate favorit place ever!! and ordered some herbal tea and started reading what turned to be my ULTIMATE FAVORITE BOOK EVER!! i am not going to ruin the book for you guys! you might find the story stupid and bad but I LOVED IT on that day i read most of the book and then my friend came.. after that it became kind of  a habit for me to drink tea around sunset time and read that wonderful book.

(I truly thank everyone who helped me meet my awesome book!! starting from Nakama to AMMAR AND HIS AUNT to the security guard to the wonderful woman that lead me to the good book shop to Taylor Swift that sang The Hunger Games’ theme and made me want to read the book and look for it)!

so by now you know how did i meet my awesome book but you don’t know how did i start the 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge!

i was checking my timeline on twitter when i found my friend Ali Alghamdi talking about the challenge at that time Ali was a person i know on twitter but after the challenge he became one of my dearest buds! i asked him about it and he sent me the group on goodreads and i was like i have to join them it can’t be that hard it will surly help me increase my ability in writing and speaking etc. so i joined them on the 7th of Jan approximately and The Pleasure Express became my book number 1 :mrgreen: i went that next weekend to Amman’s downtown and got a good collection of books (they have the best classics and the best selling all the time!!) and started reading them since that time books replaced my laptop allot! my phone got a rest my nintendo felt lonely more often! i started enjoying reading so much! it became a wonderful thing to do i loved it!! and when i had long period between classes and long roads books became my best way to kill time! i really got the hit of them! and here i’l try to ask myself questions you probably have and answer them if you have any more please share them with me :).. of course i finished the challenge two weeks ago and got so much out of it great books and great friends and i truly started believing that everything happens for a reason 😉

– Was it harder that you thought?

it surly was!!

– How did you manege your time between classes, finals, homework, daily social life and reading?

well it was really hard but you had to keep in mind that things must not get confused and that you have not to quit! you can find small books or you can read two books instead of one a week or so ahead from the time you think that you won’t be able to read but trust me there is always a time! also audiobooks helped me allot.

– How did you know what to read?

Well goodreads was a great help! plus i found some blogs that discusses books and the best sellings at bookstores also helped 🙂

– Books can be a bit expensive especially if you have to buy a book on weekly bases what did you do?

Mmm at first i didn’t feel so until i stated buying collections and stuff so i found ebooks to be the perfect solution i bought a kidnle and it was one of the best things i’ve ever did!

– Did you ever want to raise the white flag and let go of this challenge?

Of course! i wanted to many time but i always had in mind the satisfaction i’ll feel when i finish it :’D

– What did you get out of this experience?

My vocabs grew so much! and i feel more comfortable now writing in english event hough i’ve attended a british english school but still i’ve always had doubts about my ability in writing.

– Do you have any regrets?

I actually do! in the middle of the challenge i started reading the Harry Potter collection and it was a huge mistake! don’t get me wrong the collection was soooo awesome that every book i read afterward felt stupid :p i wish if left them for the end.

– Who is your favorit writer now?

well obviously J.K.Rowling is AN ARTIST! other than her John Green.

– What is your favourite book?

The Pleasure Express and the HP saga.

– Out of your 52 books what are the ones that you strongly recommend?

Ok i have to start with my favorite The Pleasure Express, HP saga, Divergent, Shatter Me. Da Vinci Code, Looking for Alaska, The Fault in our Stars, The Buddha in the Attic, Who Moved my Cheese and من اقصى الشرق اتيت

– How did you set the mood for your readings?

Well i liked to drink a hot beverage while reading, before the challenge i couldn’t read while listing to anything but while i was in it i started enjoying music specially Adele’s, EXILE’s and J Soul Bothers’ after that i learned the ability of focusing on reading even if there were sounds around and the perfect temperature and light are really important

– Do you have any final words?


ok these are the Qs that came to my mind if you have any contact me or leave a comment below.

i forgot to tell you that i did read the hunger games liked them but like everyone was disappointed at the end so i didn’t mention them in my recommendations :p

At the end i would like to thank Ammar and Nakama for their parts in finding my awesome book!, Ali for making me enroll in such a great challenge, Mind Beauty and Beyond for their recommendations, Chaotic Beauty also for her’s finally i would like to thank the Angel in disguise and who i like to think of as my second mother Mrs. Faris, Tawhida if it wasn’t for Allah then her or i wouldn’t have been able to read in English or even write this blog :’)

الحمد لله الذي تتم بنعمه الصالحات

Sorry for any typos i was in a hurry and couldn’t check it after finishing :)\

wait for my upcoming post insha’allh it might be interesting 😛

I had it coming 19! something new everyday

Hello, good morning/evening good people how are you doing?

maybe you’ve already noticed that i’ve deleted all of my previous blog entries well i’ven’t actually deleted them i only made them appear to me *evil laugh* (sigh)! well i’ve noticed that most of them are pure stupidness and i kind of felt ashamed .. but well a person has to be stupid to realize it later ..

anyways that reason i’m writing today is that yes people i’ve officially made it to 19 years old 😀 thanks to god in the frist place …

the past year has been truly hard/amazing for me i lived half of it away from my family which did me great!, i lost some dear friends like Rex 😦 bur hey this is life, i met new people and hanged on the people i felt like they ought to be good in my life 😛 and the people who i’ve noticed that they’re good to me despite the fact that i’m 90% a jerk and finally my whole life changed for the best in a bit private way you shall all hear about when the time comes!

one of the greatest thing that happend to me last year was the reading challenge you know where you read a book every week for the whole year i haven’t finished it yet but now we are on week 40 out of 52 i don’t want to jinx it but i seem like i am on track *insert i’ve no idea what i am doing meme here*

last but not least you know how they say when you get older you regret the stuff you’ve not done more than the thing you did, well i decided that i don’t want that so starting from Today the 1st of October i’ve started a new challenge where i do something new that i’ve never done before! try a new cousine perhaps or giving someone my number in Carly Ray Jepsen way :p who knows … i might lunch a tumblr blog where i speak of my daily progress i’ll try and make you updated folks on that ..

well i guess Happy birthday to me :3 and i wish you all a wonderful day .. specially to all of the Octoberers and the fellow Libra people 😀