I had it coming 19! something new everyday

Hello, good morning/evening good people how are you doing?

maybe you’ve already noticed that i’ve deleted all of my previous blog entries well i’ven’t actually deleted them i only made them appear to me *evil laugh* (sigh)! well i’ve noticed that most of them are pure stupidness and i kind of felt ashamed .. but well a person has to be stupid to realize it later ..

anyways that reason i’m writing today is that yes people i’ve officially made it to 19 years old 😀 thanks to god in the frist place …

the past year has been truly hard/amazing for me i lived half of it away from my family which did me great!, i lost some dear friends like Rex 😦 bur hey this is life, i met new people and hanged on the people i felt like they ought to be good in my life 😛 and the people who i’ve noticed that they’re good to me despite the fact that i’m 90% a jerk and finally my whole life changed for the best in a bit private way you shall all hear about when the time comes!

one of the greatest thing that happend to me last year was the reading challenge you know where you read a book every week for the whole year i haven’t finished it yet but now we are on week 40 out of 52 i don’t want to jinx it but i seem like i am on track *insert i’ve no idea what i am doing meme here*

last but not least you know how they say when you get older you regret the stuff you’ve not done more than the thing you did, well i decided that i don’t want that so starting from Today the 1st of October i’ve started a new challenge where i do something new that i’ve never done before! try a new cousine perhaps or giving someone my number in Carly Ray Jepsen way :p who knows … i might lunch a tumblr blog where i speak of my daily progress i’ll try and make you updated folks on that ..

well i guess Happy birthday to me :3 and i wish you all a wonderful day .. specially to all of the Octoberers and the fellow Libra people 😀